Podcast of the Plague Year
Project Description

In partnership with the Journal of the Plague Year, an archive began by two Arizona State University History professors. Podcast of the Plague Year mines the archive for interesting stories to translate to a general audience. The purpose is obviously to market the archive, which is public, but also to deeper dive into the stories and artifacts contributed to the archive. The podcast has covered interesting forms of protest in New Orleans, parenting while being a college student, and the forthcoming episodes will spotlight indigenous reservation life in Arizona during the pandemic (see left column).

Translational Perspective

The podcasting work translates the information contributed to the archive into an entertaining but educational form for a popular audience. Each episode spotlights life during the pandemic that hopefully provides some comfort and hope for everyone.

Humanities Influences
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Arizona State University
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terry.shoemaker [at] asu.edu

Tempe, Arizona, USA