Jamming the Curve: COVID-19 Game Jam
Project Description

Researchers at Georgia Tech partnered with Indiecade to produce games to help illustrate and explain salient information about COVID-19. The effort also includes the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), which held a Complexity Jam around COVID in the early summer. Out of this came two games from Georgia Tech students, Essential Workers and Dino-Store, along with several other games from around the world. The Georgia Tech games both work on simulations that were made available for free for a slow-jam in collaboration with Indiecade which ran the first several weeks of September 2020.

Translational Perspective

The games that have been produced so far both in the COST Complexity Jam and the Indiecade Jamming the Curve event work to translate scientific data into playable, more digestible experiences so that people can internalize and act upon the data available to us about COVID. The games submitted to Jamming the Curve can be accessed here.


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