1918 Flu Pandemic and Nurse Registration in Philadelphia
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As director of the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing and a member of the faculty at Penn Nursing, Patricia D'Antonio and other faculty also trained as historians– including Julie Fairman and Cynthia Connolly–have been active in social and traditional media in making links between history, healthcare and the COVID 19 crisis as detailed more extensively on their website. The project named in this survey has been funded by the Leonoard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University. it has direct policy implications in setting a framework for a national (versus state) registrations system to increase availability of specially trained nurses to meet pandemic needs.

Additional relevant work is a guest editorial entitled "Nursing Research is Coronavirus Research." (See PDF, left column, Project Multimedia) [D'Antonio, P., Naylor, M. and Aiken, L. "Nursing research is coronavirus research." Res Nurs Health, 43 (June 2020): 215], and a post in "Off the Charts," the blog of the American Journal of Nursing, entitled "1918 Redux: Supportive Nursing Care for the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Courageous Care." 

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