A Day in the Life of a Pandemic
Project Multimedia
Project Description

What does a day in the life of COVID-19 look like at different scales, i.e., personal, government response, cultural moments? This assignment allows college students to use a variety of tools to understand the enormous and fast-moving events of the current pandemic (the PDF of the assignment is in the left column, Project Multimedia). It also gives them the opportunity to process these times both from their own individual perspective and through the lens of the wider society.

Students can present their work in various ways: 

  • blog, wiki or otherwise (this can be housed within the course or the class can collectively decide to make their work open to the public) 

  • journal entries 

  • ArcGIS story maps 

  • infographics 

  • Word documents 

  • Powerpoint presentations 

  • presentations in which each group shares with the class/teaches the class that session, including a Q and A in which each student must respond

  • discussion posts with a peer review component assignment submissions which go directly to the professor.

Translational Perspective

In this assignment, each student examines a single day of the COVID-19 pandemic (either in the past or at the time of the assignment) from a wide range of perspectives. The idea is for students to

  1. develop their own records of these unprecedented events
  2. understand how the COVID-19 picture looks different from different scales and vantage points, using different methodologies
  3. develop a timeline of COVID-19 (either individually or as a group) which is couched within the larger socio-economic- political- cultural contexts
  4. use their (inter)disciplinary tools (ie readings, films, etc) to analyze this moment.
Humanities Influences
Natalia Molina
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