Bibliography and/or Thematic Literature Review for Researchers
Project Description

This project, Bibliography and/or Thematic Literature Review for Researchers, will be similar to Dale A. Stirling's  2018 book published by Pan Stanford Publishing, The Nanotechnology Revolution: A Global Bibliographic Perspective, and his current project, From Hippocrates to COVID-19: A History of Medicine Bibliography, which is scheduled to be released mid-2021 by Jenny Stanford Publishing.

Dale Stirling has begun work on a Coronavirus bibliography and is currently gathering pertinent citations and building a related digital library for work in 2021.

Translational Perspective

Conventional wisdom tells people that translational work applies knowledge of basic sciences and clinical trials in efforts to address dire or critical medical needs. Moreover, it is oriented towards improving health outcomes. Yet, basic "research" is a necessary step in all of the aforementioned qualities of translational work. This project creator cannot think of a better building block toward positive health outcomes than well researched and curated bibliographic citations that health professional will access in their trek to battle COVID-19.

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