COVID-19, Inequity, and Underinvestment in US Population Health
Project Description

COVID-19 is the defining health challenge of our time, affecting the lives of people worldwide. Both in the US and the UK, the spread and severity of COVID-19 is not felt equally, but instead disproportionately falls on certain groups. While much public debate has focused on the healthcare response to COVID-19, Maani argues that it is largely the structural determinants of health that ultimately influence population health, including the damage wrought by COVID-19. Through the policy analysis grounded in population level data on equity and health and the social determinants of health, the work seeks to identify structural drivers that have contributed to the United States' vulnerability to COVID-19, how they arose, and how they might be ameliorated in the building of a healthier and more prosperous US population.

Translational Perspective

This work was published in health policy journals and has led to engagement with policy makers at the state and national levels.

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