Covid and Communication
Project Description

Raj Mesthrie is focusing on three projects: 

  • an exploratory piece reflecting on language usage and COVID both in terms of idioms in English about viruses and in the way key terms have been translated into local African languages. The article "Pay attention to how people are talking about the pandemic in different language" was published in the South African Journal of Science in July 2020 (see PDF, left column, Project Multimedia). 

  • a chapter in a government report (South Africa) to the World Health Organization reporting on official responses to the crisis. Mesthrie's task was to research and write on communication and compliance.

  • a work in progress that examines communication models and their applicability to the crisis.

Translational Perspective

The work is meant to ensure improved or at least informed responses to communication in future crises. The project is complementary to the roles of medical and scientific collaborators/ researchers.

Humanities Influences
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University of Cape Town
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rajend.mesthrie [at]

Cape Town, South Africa