Factors Influencing Asia-Pacific Countries’ Success Level in Curbing COVID-19: A Review Using a Social–Ecological System (SES) Framework
Project Description

Little attention has been paid to the impacts of institutional–human–environment dimensions on the outcome of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) abatement. Through the diagnostic social–ecological system (SES) framework, this project aims to investigate what and how the multifaceted social, physical, and governance factors affected the success level of seven selected Asia-Pacific countries (namely, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and New Zealand) in combatting COVID-19. Drawing on statistical data from the Our World In Data website, the researchers measured the COVID-19 severity or abatement success level of the countries on the basis of cumulative positive cases, average daily cases, and mortality rates for the period of 1 February 2020 to 30 June 2020. 

Another project, an extension of the current project (a more detailed one), is about population density impacts on the severity of COVID-19 in terms of cumulative cases and infection rate. The project is entitled The COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in Malaysia: Lessons Learned from the Perspective of Population Density. The investigators found out that based on parametric approach, there is significant association between population density and covid cumulative cases and infection rates. Therefore, some urban planning interventions are proposed. 

Translational Perspective

Based on the observation (whether empirically or theoretically)–data or best practices, this project can use them so that key or important non-pharmaceutical responses/interventions (e.g., via social behavior or collective action) can be identified to cope with the crisis.

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