Jefferson COVID Stories
Project Description

Jefferson COVID Stories, born from a partnership with Humans of Jefferson and podcast Humans of the Hospital, embrace a sense of purpose as the antidote to fear and worry. The project hopes to engage interprofessional faculty, staff, and learners to give voice to experiences and service during the pandemic. Sprouting from the acknowledgment of the sense of service surrounding the community, this project shows how this has been a time not only marked by uncertainty and higher demands of all of us, but also an invitation to be more than we thought we could be. There is light that still shines, and the authors hope this project captures that from all of the people of Jefferson. On the website, it is possible to access some writing prompts. Participation can be anonymous (though it is asked the respondent to disclose their role). New questions are sent out weekly. Audio files add a layer of depth that will emphatically connect the audience to members of the community through the power of the spoken word. Co-author of Jefferson COVID Stories is Nick Safian

Translational Perspective

It provided a repository of wisdom and shared experiences to the collective trauma witnessed during COVID-19.

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