Penn Medicine Listening Lab - Listening to COVID-19
Project Description

Created by patients, caregivers, staff, and providers, the Penn Medicine Listening Lab is a storytelling initiative embracing the power of listening as a form of care. The Listening Lab has designed a recording line, an immersive exhibit, and an online experience to create a welcoming environment for listening and sharing. The COVID-19 pandemic and calls for racial justice challenge us to listen and be present for one another in new ways. In response, the Lab has created a new section on its website entitled "Listening to COVID-19," where contributors can share a story by recording their voice or submitting their writing, which will appear on the website as a "virtual postcard."

Participants can provide support and resilience to patients, caregivers, and providers by sharing three to five sentences about a particular moment when inspirational listening occurred (such as a phrase or gesture of kindness that you encountered; an expression of gratitude for someone who listened; a short story of someone who made a difference in your day). Stories featured in the Listening Lab are incorporated into New Employee Orientation and Recruitment efforts; integrated into medical school and nursing education/training at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as Patient and Family Advisory Councils system-wide; shared during the beginning of leadership events, meetings, and staff huddles; highlighted in e-mail communication to all employees, including COVID-19 CEO Updates, PennTogether Wellness, and other resilience tools; featured on the Penn Medicine intranet, and promoted system-wide in all clinical rooms.

Translational Perspective

The project aspires to help people become better listeners and to enhance the well-being of our community. Storytelling builds compassion, strengthens relationships, and allows us to discover ourselves in others.

Additional Projects

Aaron Levy's additional project is portrayed on our website and linked here.

Aaron Levy
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA