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Posthaste is a running feature of Caustic Frolic, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal at the Department of Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement (XE) at New York University that offers the space for members of the XE community to engage creatively and critically with the ever-changing challenges of our world. As an interdisciplinary journal invested in social change, Caustic Frolic believes deeply in the power of art and thought to address topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, racial tensions and the Black Lives Matter movement, gender inequity, and so much more.

In response to specific events, as well as broader institutional problems, Posthaste will offer prompts that XE writers, artists, and academics can respond to in whatever fashion they choose. The editors encourage submissions to range in genre, style, and length. Flash stories, poetry, essays, photography, art, films, and more are all welcome. Posthaste aims to function as a living document that captures the XE community’s artistic reactions to the world around us. As the title of this feature suggests, Posthaste seeks to see and publish work that is responding to societal issues in real time. Submissions should be raw and charged with emotion, perhaps even a bit messy. Above all, Posthaste hopes to foster continual and purposeful discussion within the XE community. Together, our ideas and voices will be heard.

Posthaste uses the advantages of digital publication in the most flexible and inclusive space for creation and publication possible. There are no submission requirements or deadlines; the space is open and allows people to process in their own time.

Translational Perspective

Posthaste offers students and faculty both a creative outlet and a source of community during times of duress. By calling for submissions from the community, Posthaste invites community members to inspire one another and to find sources of connection. Submissions can be cathartic in aiding the processing of the world and current events. Additionally, the communal platform serves a nonjudgmental space for discussion.

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New York University
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