Reading Chaucer in Precarious Times
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Ingham's work is an account of and response to the traumatic nature of loss. It also reacts to the inexpressible aspects of catastrophe and offers a set of readings of medieval poetry that poignantly mobilize such feelings. It is simultaneously a memoir of Ingham's own unlikely affection for Geoffrey Chaucer’s poetry as it pertains to loss and recovery. 

Translational Perspective

The project is translational both historically (reflecting on the long history of pandemics, and war) and in terms of narratives of illness. Ingham's work translates scholarship on the effects of catastrophic loss and illness on victims and the role of literature or poetry in compensating for what cannot be rendered straightforwardly.

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Martha Biggerstaff Jones Professor of British Literature
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Indiana University, Bloomington
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pingham [at]

Bloomington, Indiana, USA