Rx/Museum, Art & Reflection in Medicine Initiative
Project Description

The RX/Museum, Art & Reflection in Medicine Initiative focuses on fostering clinician well-being and a humanistic practice of medicine through visual art and reflective pedagogy. It has been developed by a consortium of educators and providers at Penn Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania, and leading museums and arts institutions across Philadelphia. The RX/Museum Initiative features a curated series of fifty-two artworks and essayistic reflections that embody the interplay between museums and medicine. Every Monday, subscribers receive an artwork in their inbox accompanied by insightful commentary about medicine as a humanistic practice. Each reflection examines traditionally challenging themes for clinicians, such as managing uncertainty, nuance, and ambiguity, and preconceived notions of death, illness, and suffering. The RX/Museum initiative is a pilot program of the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, led by the Health Ecologies Lab at the University of Pennsylvania and the Center for Digital Health at Penn Medicine, in partnership with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, and Slought.

Additional Projects

Aaron Levy's additional project is portrayed on our website and is linked here

Aaron Levy
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Executive Director
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Slought Foundation, University of Pennyslvania
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adlevy [at] upenn.edu

Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA