The Global War Against the Rat and the Epistemic Emergence of Zoonosis
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The project is not itself on COVID-19 but as it investigates the epistemic emergence of zoonosis, it relates to COVID-19 as a zoonotic disease, and particularly to epidemiological framings and responses to COVID-19 as a zoonotic disease. Christos Lynteris's previous project–The Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic–intersects with the current one on several fields. It has also produced outputs that have proved to be useful to a critical approach to COVID-19 perceptions and response; this is especially as regards the epidemiological framing of "wet markets" and the development, reception and use of face masks in the context of epidemics.

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In relation to COVID-19 the project may prove helpful in investigating and critically approaching the epistemological foundations of scientific approaches of zoonotic diseases, and in identifying ways in which these may become decolonized.

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Senior Lecturer, Social Anthropology
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University of St Andrews
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cl12 [at]
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St. Andrews, Scotland, UK