Confronting Racism, Quarantined Conversations, International Education at the Coronavirus Crossroads
Project Description

The researcher has been involved in three projects:

  • Thursdays@Home is a program that encouraged University of Indian faculty and students, during the Spring and Fall 2020, to display performances from a wide range of disciplines and creative practices, in order to foster a sense of community during the quarantine. The performance were streamed online on Facebook.
  • Confronting Racism broadcasts conversations among scholars and activists on topics related to quarantine and racism. 
  • International Education at the Coronavirus Crossroads is an op-ed piece for 21st Century Global Dynamic that Deborah Cohn co-authored with Hilary E. Kahn. In the op-ed, the authors state that "[t]o say that the pandemic is a blow to international education is a severe understatement. We have been forced to dismantle, piece-by-piece, all the various structures we have carefully developed to sustain our work." Yet, they concluded that "it is clear that the global is an imperative now more than ever," thus they invite us to "embrace our responsibility to produce knowledge collectively, transnationally, and equitably, for future generations and crossroads to come."  
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