Seeing Indigenous Land Struggles in the 'Multispecies Cloud' of Covid-19
Project Description

The project is an op-ed resulting from the collaboration between Noah Theriault and Will Smith (lead author) for the publication Cultural Anthropology. The pair also collaborated with June Rubis on a webinar on this topic for Deakin University's Science & Society Seminar. The work is concerned with "the active and longstanding struggles for ancestral territory that lie at the heart of this pandemic’s origins."

An additional project is "Collaborative Ecologies: Anthropologies of (and for) Survival in the More-Than-Human City", a collaborative research effort initiated by Alex Nading (Cornell University) and Noah Theriault. It was conceived prior to the pandemic and has been disrupted/delayed by it, but pandemic recovery will be an inevitable part of the discussions going forward. The group currently includes 15 critical ethnographers who work with environmental-justice coalitions in cities around the world. They plan on collaborating remotely and to convene for a Wenner Gren-funded workshop in 2021.

Translational Perspective

The op-ed and seminar were efforts to reveal connections between processes of material dispossession, discursive erasure, and global public health.

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