COVID-19 archive project
Project Description

Infectious disease events are quickly reduced to singular narratives that cut out a lot of context on the messiness, chaos, and uncertainty that are inherent in large outbreaks. This project, based in Hong Kong but with a global focus, aims to keep a record of the COVID-19 outbreak as it happens, capturing data, research, media articles, and visuals. It is cross-disciplinary for its view to documenting the complex biological and social phenomena that define the pandemic. The project hopes to provide a resource for researchers in the future to draw on and interpret. Particular areas of interest for the project include how people understand numbers during a disease outbreak, the art and science of social distancing, the impact on the broader infectious disease landscape, the COVID-19 gaze and neglecting other diseases, and measuring success and preparedness. 

Translational Perspective

While there isn't a direct translation into health interventions, the project team hopes this resource can be utilized to help researchers understand the complexities of COVID-19. 

Additional Projects

Team members have already published articles/op-eds that address important topics highlighted by this disease outbreak, including social distancing in different contexts (see PDF in the left column), and the impact of over-sanitation. Other related papers are in preparation.

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