Face Off
Project Description

The project is part of a Film and Media Studies response to the pandemic and consists of an edited volume called "Pandemic Media: Preliminary Notes Towards an Inventory", featuring 37 short contributions. Kerim Dogruel's article asks how the shift to online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic is perceived differently by different status groups (see pdf on the left). The media wondered why students didn’t show their faces in class. The article explores possible reasons and tries to shift the discussion away from blaming the students and suggests that instead of focusing on generational differences, the situation is better understood with analytical tools from social and media theory, which give special attention to the institutional framework of the university.

Translational Perspective

The author hopes that the article can lead to a better understanding of the online learning situation and how a respectful and constructive online learning environment can be constructed. He wanted to examine the reflex of blaming the students or taking their behavior personally, explaining some of the frustrations and additional barriers that come with video conference software in a university setting.

Humanities Influences
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PhD Student, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
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Goethe Universität Frankfurt
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dogruel [at] tfm.uni-frankfurt.de

Frankfurt, Germany