Here's how we can make AI for tracking COVID-19 safer
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How Safe is Our Reliance on AI and Should We Regulate it? How Safe is Our Reliance on AI and Should We Regulate it?
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Kevin LaGrandeur is researching ways to make AI safer, especially in light of its rapid development and dissemination due to the COVID-19 response. LaGrandeur has published a short op-ed at a website dedicated to the responsible development of emerging technology, as well as an article for the fall 2020 issue of the journal AI and Ethics. The scope of that article is bigger than COVID-19, but the response to the virus is included.

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Kevin LaGrandeur's work on the ethics of AI in the COVID-19 pandemic attempts to turn research expertise in technology, society, and literature (25 years of research and publishing) into an intervention that will not only make AI-based apps for COVID-19 tracking better, but also safer for society.

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New York Institute of Technology
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klagrandeur [at]

Long Island, New York, USA