Pandemic Media: Preliminary Note Towards an Inventory
Project Description

With its unprecedented scale and consequences, the COVID-19 pandemic has generated a variety of new configurations of media. Responding to demands for information, synchronization, regulation, and containment, these “pandemic media” reorder social interactions, spaces, and temporalities, thus contributing to a reconfiguration of media technologies and the cultures and polities with which they are entangled. Highlighting media’s adaptability, malleability, and scalability under the conditions of a pandemic, the contributions to this volume track and analyze how media emerge, operate, and change in response to the global crisis and provide elements towards an understanding of the post-pandemic world to come.

The project is connected to the ongoing research in the Graduate Research Training Program "Configurations of Film" of the Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt.

Translational Perspective

The project invites contributors and readers to reflect on how the pandemic and the increased reliance on media change work environments, research challenges, and life forms.

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