Epidemics, Vaccinations, Panic, and the Lesson of History
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Elena Conis' response to COVID-19 included several op-eds and magazine stories for media outlets. For the NY Times, Elena Conis co-authored "What to Expect When a Coronavirus Vaccine Finally Arrives."  On Bay Nature, she published an article co-authored by Daniel Roman entitled "Epizootic: How Infectious Disease Can Move From Wildlife to Humans — and Back to Wildlife: Lessons from the history of plague in California." She also published "What History’s Economy-Disrupting Outbreaks Can Teach Us About Coronavirus Panic" on Time. Other outlet include the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Book Review. Her work includes also podcasts and television appearances. It is possible to find more details on Conis and her engagement with epidemics and vaccinations on her website.


Elena Conis
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UC Berkeley
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econis [at] berkeley.edu

Berkeley, California, USA