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Project Description

Cultural anthropologist Adia Benton has been asked to comment on radio, podcasts, and news media, as well as to write for general audiences. Among other projects, there is an interview with Daniel Denvir on The Dig podcast, a published interview with her on pandemic sports in The Nation, and a discussion on the discursive implications of a pandemic.

Additional recent podcasts include:

"Episode 54: Anthropology of an American Pandemic with Adia Benton" (the podcast episode can be uploaded on the left column) 

Recent selected commentary and essays include:

Benton, Adia and Thurka Sangaramoorthy. 2020. "Imagining Rural Immunity." Anthropology News

Benton, Adia. 2020. "​Race, Epidemics, and the Viral Economy of Health Expertise." ​The New Humanitarian.​ 

Translational Perspective

Adia Benton raises issues regarding the public's ability to comply with public health measures as a starting point for her commentary. According to the scholar however, some of the "bread and butter" functions of public health have to be taken up by other agencies/organizations, with whom she has consulted.

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