International Framework for Human Challenge Trials; Vaccine Adverse Effect Compensation; Giants on Clay Feet–Restructuring Public Health Surveillance after COVID-19
Project Description

Claas Kirchhelle has three ongoing projects:

  • exploration of the history and recent use of human challenge trials to establish a robust social sciences/ humanities framework to guide proposed COVID19 studies in Britain but can also be used internationally

  • collaboration with social scientists (Oxford Vaccine Group) and legal scholars (BIICL) to use an interdisciplinary analysis of vaccine adverse effect compensation (focusing on past and present frameworks) to inform bespoke COVID19 schemes going forward

  • study of the long-term trajectories of public health surveillance in Europe and North America as a way to explain the very different performance of health care systems during the first wave of the pandemic. This project Buildibuilds on a Wellcome Trust grant (Enslaved Viruses) at UCD.

Translational Perspective

Kirchhelle'a work explicitly targets policymakers and uses research to formulate concrete action plans. He builds on his previous experience in the context of antimicrobial resistance (Kirchhelle C, et al. "Setting the standard: multidisciplinary hallmarks for structural, equitable and tracked antibiotic policy" BMJ Global Health 2020;5:e003091). The researcher also targets the wider research community by pitching his work to biomedical journals like the Lancet, etc. Finally, his research feeds into an ongoing exhibition project on typhoid, which now also provides resources on COVID and vaccination.

Humanities Influences
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Dublin, Ireland