Sociology of the Body in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Project Description

What does it mean to have and to be a body in the COVID-19 pandemic? This research project explores the complexities and challenges faced by a range of people as they adjust to new social ballets that involve new protocols in masking, washing, and social distancing. The project contributes to the sociology of the body insofar as the pandemic forces a redefinition of the foundations of what it means to have and to be a body, and of what it means to assume community responsibility. It also contributes broadly to the posthumanities, insofar as it is informed by a broader scientific and public health framework, while working toward a de-anthropocized ethic of interspecies communication and cohabitation.

Translational Perspective

Embodiment requires the translation of scientific research into social choreography and new disclosures of space, time, and distance.

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Athabasca University
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Athabasca, Alberta, Canada