The Myth of Black Immunity: Racialized Disease during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Project Description

Via participant observation and interviews, Chelsey Carter identifies the ways COVID 19 has been racialized in St. Louis. Ezelle Sanford III, Assistant Professor of African American History at Carnegie Mellon University, collaborates with Carter. Recent articles are Racialized Disease and pandemic, The Myth of Black Immunity, and From Spanish Flu to COVID-19: Race, Class, and the Reopening of St. Louis



Translational Perspective

This project aims to show community members and researchers the ways that race drives our understandings of health, healing and medicine.

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Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University (July 2021)
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Washington University in St. Louis
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crcarter [at]

St. Louis, Missouri, USA